About Us

Since 1997 B&J Graphics has been helping businesses and organizations achieve their
online and offline objectives through innovative web and print design, strategic marketing, and custom
development. We work with our clients to ensure practical, effective solutions that meet their
needs, on budget and on time.

The goal of our company is to create custom Web Sites and Printed media that stands apart from the crowd.
Something that’s cool, catches your eye, conveys your message and works with any platform.
Custom Web Sites or Print Graphics that convey our clients image and product as no
other can, while achieving an artistic blend of form and function in the process.

The culmination of your planning and goals will be in the creation of your Web Site or Print Graphic.
This is perhaps the most involved step and requires coordination and participation – both on the part of the Client and the Developer.

How B&J Graphics works with their clients:

It has been a factor with past Clients that they know want they want, but are not sure how to convey their information or ideas. During our first meeting, we will discuss all aspects of the Clients vision, basic needs and purpose of the design. We’ll discuss whether or not the client has any existing designs they would like to incorporate into this new project. Once costs have been established, we’ll sign a contract stating the services we’ll provide and what’s expected from our client.

B&J Graphics asks for 1/2 non refundable deposit at signing of the contract, final payment at completion of the project. You may ask us about payment options as we have worked with many clients to overcome cash flow problems.

Our promise to each and every client: Your design is completed only when you are 100% satisfied!